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Danger Zone Jobs

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Finding jobs overseas can be easy enough when they’re in danger zones. Danger zone jobs are a dime a dozen but you certainly get paid for putting yourself on the front line. The temptation to take a position overseas can very often be quite overpowering while the attractive nature of less-tax or no-tax is extremely alluring. Sometimes it’s more the allure of helping others who desperately need it and that is definitely a reason to take a danger zone job.

The high-risk places that are often looking for ex-pats to take up positions in their danger zones are Afghanistan, Libya, Bahrain and several other middle-eastern or North African countries that require medical assistance, oil drillers, rig workers and an electrician or five.

Just be aware that when you’re taking jobs in danger zones that all your paperwork is taken care of and that your recruiters are giving you all the information required. Some recruiters don’t tell potential recruits everything they need to know about working in overseas danger zones, which can lead to problems. Ensure you go through a reputable recruitment agency who has been sending people into danger zone jobs for years.

Everyone from doctors, divers and a single electrician Sandton have gone overseas to earn more money in a couple of months than they could in a year at home, but it requires much sacrifice and people forget that danger zone jobs are not the be all and end all. Who wants to hug a photo of family when you could be a home hugging the real thing?

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